Silver Finger Ring

Century (1/3)

  • Superb 16th Century Renaissance Silver-gilt & Garnet Finger Ring Size 9 1/4
  • Nice Late Medieval Silver Finger Ring C. 15th 17th Century Ad Wearable Size 9
  • Wonderful 15th Century Cusped Medieval / Renaissance Silver & Garnet Finger Ring
  • 15th 16th Century Ad Medieval Silver Finger Ring In Excavated Condition Size 9
  • Nice 10th 12th Century Scandinavian Viking Silver Wirework Finger Ring Size 12
  • 16th Century Renaissance Tudor Gentleman's Silver Finger Ring Box Bezel Size 10
  • Nice Excavated 14th 16th Century Medieval Silver Finger Ring Size 10 1/2
  • 9th 10th Century A. D Scandinavian Viking Twisted Silver Finger Ring Size 6
  • 10th 12th Century Ad Scandinavian Viking Braided Silver Finger Ring Size 6 3/4
  • Excavated 16th 17th Century Renaissance Silver-gilt Finger Ring Ihs Christogram
  • Beautifully Crafted 16th 17th Century Renaissance Silver-gilt Finger Ring Rare
  • 9th-10th Century Ad Scandinavian Viking Silver Finger Ring Of A Very Large Size
  • 16th Century Renaissance Silver Finger Ring With Rock Crystal Gemstone Size 6
  • Ancient Rare Viking Twisted Silver Baby Finger Ring Ca 9 10 Century Ad
  • Ancient Roman Silver Finger Ring 1st Century Bc/ad
  • 16th Century Renaissance Tudor Period Silver & Coral Set Finger Ring Size 10