Silver Finger Ring

Metal Purity > 925 Parts Per 1000 (1/8)

  • New 4.95 Ct Sapphire 14k Gold Knuckle Armor Full Finger Ring 925 Silver Vintage
  • Designer Two Finger Ring 5.6 Ct Ruby Diamond 18 Kt Gold Sterling Silver Jewelry
  • Flower Two Finger Ring With Chain Studded Diamond Sapphire Gemstone 925 Silver
  • 3.03ct Pave Diamond 925 Sterling Silver Black Spinel Full Finger Armor Long Ring
  • Double Finger Ruby Larimar Gemstone Ring Size 6 925 Silver
  • 10.5ct Pave Diamond Sterling Silver Two Finger Ring Women's Fashion Jewelry
  • Women's Day Natural Pave Diamond Sterling Silver Star Design Two Finger Ring
  • Sapphire Australian Opal Two Finger Ring 18k Gold Silver Pave Diamond Jewelry
  • 925 Burnished Silver Band Fist Hand Ring With Rings Skull Fingers Made In Italy
  • Women's Day Sale 1.06ct Pave Diamond 925 Sterling Silver Two Finger Ring Jewelry
  • Black & White Pave Diamond 925 Silver Finger Ring Vintage Look Jewelry Sg
  • Sterling Silver 14k Gold Natural Diamond Open Two Finger Ring Vintage Jewelry
  • Rose Cut Pave Diamond Vintage Full Finger Ring 925 Sterling Silver Casual Ring
  • 55.95 Ct Amethyst Ruby Diamond Two Finger Ring 18kt Gold Sterling Silver Jewelry
  • 16.57ct Gemstone Diamond 18kt Gold. 925 Sterling Silver Four Finger Ring Jewelry
  • Rose Cut Diamond Full Finger Knuckle Ring 925 Sterling Silver Fine Jewelry Jp